Power Of Your Imagination…

  • I want to tell you something that can help enrich your life. It’s a sure sign from God that he is not through with you because he wakes you up in the morning. When he’s done, you won’t wake up no more. But as long as you’re waking up that means he has something for you that he hasn’t been able to give to give to you, for whatever the reason. I’m going to help you get to that reason a little bit quicker. I’m going to tell you something that Motivational Steve Harvey of America learnt that changed his life. I was reading a book one time and it had a quote in there from Albert Einstein. And Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is everything.” It’s the preview to life coming attractions. If you think about it, that’s really true statement, because everything you see in this world came from somebody’s imagination. Everything . somebody was talking on the phone one day, on that wall phone, connected to the cord, and tried to walk and it didn’t go further, and he wanted to just go outside and get something out of the car, and he says ,somebody said, “you know what how I wish I could take this phone outside”. Literally, today, 90% of the people in the world got a cell phone. It was in somebody’s imagination. Somebody imagined that, somebody imagined everything. Somebody got tired of walking, somebody got tired of driving cars, somebody somewhere out there said we are going to fly, you can’t fly, but literally 60% of the people in the world has done that by been on a plane. See, your imagination is the evidence of things not seen . you know why they call it the evidence of things not seen? Because your imagination, you’re the only one that can see it . yes you’re the only one who can see it. See, so all this stuff you’ve been imagining was not some hocus pocus. When you imagine stuff, it’s actually God showing you a preview of a coming attraction he has for you . That’s what your imagination is. Why do you keep imagining in yourself with a second home? Because God wants you to have a second home. Why do you keep imagining in yourself in a supervisory capacity on another job ? Because God really wants you to have that,. Why do you keep dreaming of opening a business one day ? that’s because that’s God really got for you .and he puts it in your imagination . the problem with your imagination though , is that you tell it to the wrong people . if you want to kill a big dream , tell it to a small-minded person .you cant , Ahh… aw men…. Think about this in your life .how many times have you had this million incredible idea, and you took it to your family and friends? You shared it with them and they shot it down . you know why they shot it down ? because they couldn’t and can’t see it . That’s because God didn’t put it in their imagination, he put it in you . it was your evidence of things not seen . See, all this stuff you’ve been imagining you need to start working on it .because that’s what God really wants from you, your life is in your imagination. I’m here to tell you that . You think I’m writing this or you’re reading this by accident. No, i wrote this because he puts it in my imagination. Steve Harvey had an imagination when he was 10. He said “when I was 10 , he showed me I was going to be on TV . That’s all I ever wanted. The assignment when I was in the sixth grade was everybody write the name on a piece of paper, and write what you want to be . You know what he wrote on his paper? He wrote “I want to be on TV” . now, the problem he had , though was he used to suffer from serious stuttering problem . he couldn’t talk outside his house . he stuttered for years . he flunked out of school . he’s on his third marriage . lost everything he owned twice, was homeless and lived in a car for three years . but at 10, though he wrote on a piece of paper he wants to be on TV . so , the teacher went around the room and read everybody’s paper. She said you stand up when she calls your name. And the only assignment was your name and what you want to be. Doctor, teacher, lawyer, dentist, football player etc, but he wrote he would be on TV , she saved him for last ,here the teacher said “ little Stevie come to the front” . and he was thinking he was going to the front because he got the best answer, because nobody wrote such on their paper .she called him to the front and he was thinking he was going to give him a gold star ,but he was wrong about that .she called him to the front to humiliate him . first of all you know he can’t talk, because he was suffering with stuttering stammer so bad, he couldn’t just talk at all , and that lady lit on him “why did you write this on your paper ?” .and he was standing up there cant talk “i..i..i..i” he stuttered . “who in the school has ever been on TV?”. I..I..I..I.. “who in your family has ever been on TV?”. i..i..i..i “who in your neighborhood has ever been on TV?”. Here’s little Steve crushing and dying. She said , “ look at you standing there , you cant even talk , how will they put somebody like you on TV?”. Today once little Steve , every Christmas sends her a flat screen TV, because he doesn’t wants her to miss him, he doesn’t want her to miss not near episode of himself, because he wanted her to see what God had done for him. Listen my dear reader the fact that they couldn’t see it, it wasn’t for them to see, rather he put it in your own imagination, but after 3 years of homelessness, losing everything he ever owned twice, suffering through, flunking out of school, that little boy with stuttering problem, he’s all over the TV, you can’t cut your TV on not a day of the week and you don’t see that little boy Steve Harvey. That little boy with stuttering problem is all over the TV because God put the imagination inside of him. All he did was hang on to the thought, just kept hoping that what he wrote on paper would come true. He had a lot of times it wasn’t about faith, he didn’t believe it sometimes, when you’re homeless and living in a car, how do you see yourself as a TV star. but he just kept hanging on there. Listen to me friend I want to end by saying God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. Why do you think he keeps waking you up? Because he got more for you, he got way more for you, he got plans for you, but he needs your faith, he just need you to call on him, he needs you to dust off your imagination and just go for it, you got to try, quit waking up and thinking you got no say so in your life .you have a choice in this matter, you can’t stop what happened to you. But you can doggone sure do something about what happened to you. Life is 10% what happened to you, its 90% what you do about it . Somebody in your family is going to die. Somebody will definitely be killed. Somebody someday will eventually get an eviction notice. Somebody is going to be laid off. Some bodies company is going to close. And that’s life .somebody you love will somehow breakup with you. That’s life. But what are you going to do about it, though? Since it’s really going to happen anyway. Trust me, sit back, relax and ask God to open up your imagination, and pursue it with everything in you, and watch what he will do for you. Appreciate you…

Mysterious Night

A supernatural, unfathomable, and mythical hour of the day

Have you ever wondered, why do witches conduct their meetings at nights? What stop them during the day time? Why do people perform sacrifice and rituals at night? Why is it that top political meetings are held at night? Powerful prayer sessions are usually held at nights, more than 50% of student read and assimilate well at nights, those who have provided solutions and development to humanity rarely sleeps at nights, most musicians write down their songs at nights, Don’t you think there’s something attach to that night? Don’t you think there’s a supernatural, unfathomable, mythical attribute attached to that period they call night?.
About 4 years ago in a town called Ilorin which is the capital of kwara State, I met an elderly man who told me that between the hours of 12am-3am something use to happen which is beyond the scientific understanding of humans , But that will be a story for another day. But my friend, what are you doing at night ,Every single person that has ever made it in life as them about their Nights, they make use of that period ,so what are you doing with your night, they are always making use of that period they call night. So what are you doing with your night? Is it to watch movies, play games, and go to clubbing or party? its time you make good use of that night, that time is the time you can use to change a whole lot of things in your life, its useful and essential for you to become a successful person in life so my friend make use of your nights.


Your memories lives inside us..


Today’s the anniversary
Of the day I lost you
And for a time I felt though
My life had ended too

But loses has thought me many things
And now I face each day,
With hope and happy memories
To help me on my way.

And though I’m full of sadness
That you’re no linger here
Your influence still guides me
And I still feel near.

What we share will never die,
It lives within my heart,
Bringing strength and comfort
While we are apart.

Language of poetry

The only act of crying and bleeding the sorrowful soul..

Language Of Poetry

Jan,7th, 2020

There is a warm mystery 
In the way he talks to her
She reads him in time's suspense
Embracing his lines of love....like
Smoky whisper of vetiver on skin

She aches for the rush of the warmth of his breath
Letting love lean into her
Letting him hold her soul
Letting the ink draw words out..

When the soul lusts with sensations of a poem
Letters become art
A scented inscription spells
Waiting for imagination to create reality

Illumination of candor...

#free verse from yassy.. 


A new day is dawning in our societies and world of agriculture.

Day after day do I hustle
With my full muscle
I try with all my might
Not to catch-up with night

On that fiery hot sun
Do I wander on rough & crooked land
Seeking for a daily greener pasture
That ulcer do not strike

Sometimes the rain drizzle and wet
Yet the air breeze and drain
I dare not fight with life
Wanting to attract God’s light

With our bare hands
Do will set a base for trash
For we set them all ablaze
All for cultivation system

In a solemn moment
Of our hideout do we pray
Oluwa bless the ten fingers
That we reach the promise Land

It was never a Magic
Neither was it a logic
Even in a bloodless war ring
We count our blessings and sing

In absolute blameless
We move in shameless dirty attire
To our works we do justice
Leaving the vegetation smiling

Despite the thunder storm
Reptile and pestilence attack
At harvest we smile to fruits
The favour market the goods consumed

In endless and bloodless combat
With an ariable vegetation
We truimph with a bounty harvest
Appreciation to God we render

Sweet Mother One In A Million

Love of her remains irreplaceable no matter what...

Sweet mother one in a million
Upon an omnivorous city
Thou hast descended thy feet
Favoured before men
Hypocrite all they tend to become
They beat thy back in clandestine
Turn themselves carnivorous human
Thou murder’est the secretly
With timeley time thou sparest thy mortals
Can mercy stand with them?

Sweet mother one in a million
Unknown and untold hypocrite
Thou hast been generous
Upon their deadly coast
Thou licketh thy cold blood
They have travelled to the death world
In quest for power, friendship they abide with him
Thou livest as if thou can’st die
Thou shortens thy pace of Life
Can mercy stand with them?

Sweet mother one in a million
Thy people turns into foes
And gave the woes
Goddess at noon thou hast
In shame they behold not thy face
Problems strike thou runs to thy
In open hands thou recieveth them
To their satisfaction they feed
To death they make thy transactions
Can mercy stand with them?

Sweet mother one in a million
Can mercy stand with them?
The woman whose breast
I sucked is gone to the worms
Not until glory abides
We cannot see again
On our behalf she intercedes
That we know no tears & pain
I try to walk at a pace
But thy face I always see

Sweet mother one in a million
Revenge I seek on your behalf
Your cold blood they drank
Their hot blood will I require them
Decades of starvation I survived
Carnivorous human remember now
So long as I breathe life
The fight must continue
The dawn of death has dawn
Can mercy stand with them?

The Heart Of Man..

Broken heart is a metaphor for the intense emotional—and sometimes physical—stress or pain one feels at experiencing great and deep longing. The concept is cross-cultural, often cited with reference to a desired or lost lover.

Excuse me brother!
Millions of question I want u to answer.
If only you tell yourself the truth
Nothing but the truth

Have you not lied enough?
Have you not stolen enough ?
Have you not deceived many enough?
Think about that!

Why have you left your education?
And shout school na scam,
Why have you left your skilled job?
For a stealing & killing job,

Why? why have you?
Have you not shattered homes?
Have you not battered lives?
Have you not broken many heart?

Have you not eaten excrement with bread?
But its all to your detriment
Have you not slept with mad women?
Yet you say you’re normal.

Your mothers breast & private parts
Have you not forcefully claimed?
Have you not turned your girlfriends to snakes?
Have you not made them defecate worms ?

Have you not pounded infants?
Now you seek after pants!
All because of the shit called money!
All because of lexus330 & Benz!

Have you not heard of those voices?
The widows agonizing cry, & curse
The innocent infants weeping,
Your girlfriends lost love & pain

The caressed wind blows in rage
Their voices wails and cries for revenge
Have you not heard?
Your fourth generation is cursed.

Echoes in the wind
The widow cries you find no mercy
The infants wailing that you find no children hood
Your girlfriends reechoing you find no love
Brotherly! I know & understand
How unfair life can be
But if you will turn back
That will be more than enough

                                       Dedicated : To as many of you in the business of YAHOO|YAHOO+... urging you to desist from that. 

Lead in facts, not in lies..

I didn’t mean to make this post political, but this photo leapt out. To compensate, I’ll leave you with more of Lord Tennyson’s moving poem, In Memoriam, or Ring Out Wild Bells, written as an elegy to Arthur Henry Hallam, his sister’s fiancé who died at the age of just 22.

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
The flying cloud, the frosty light:
The year is dying in the night;
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Ring out the grief that saps the mind
For those that here we see no more;
Ring out the feud of rich and poor,
Ring in redress to all mankind.

Ring out a slowly dying cause,
And ancient forms of party strife;
Ring in the nobler modes of life,
With sweeter manners, purer laws.

Ring in the valiant man and free,
The larger heart, the kindlier hand;
Ring out the darkness of the land,
Ring in the Christ that is to be.

Happy New Year!

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